Green Products and Technologies: Green with Envy

Green Products and Technologies: Green with Envy


Rheem Manufacturing Company, Heating and Cooling Division has introduced its new GRL model 90% gas furnace designed to give contractors additional business-building opportunities and homeowners lower energy consumption, utility bill relief, and a $150 federal tax credit. Contractors who have been selling these products in 2006 and 2007 should be aware that the Energy Policy Act & Tax Credit Program enacted by Congress in 2005 states that homeowners who purchase and have installed qualifying products during those years can claim up to $500 on their federal tax return.

Consumers may source, download, and complete a qualification statement and provide it with their income tax return to receive the credit.

The new Rheem Classic Series RGRL model and the Ruud Achiever Series UGRL model gas furnace qualifies for this credit, and is available in three options, ranging from 45,000 to 90,000 Btuh. In addition to the Federal Tax Credit, the GRL model delivers several important advantages for contractors and homeowners, according to Rheem.

An integrated control board manages all operational functions, and provides hookups for a wide variety of indoor air quality products, such as energy and heat recovery ventilators, ultraviolet filters, and most single- and two-stage programmable thermostats.

Detailed information and the form complying with IRS requirements are located at Contractors may download additional homeowner information and related promotional materials from

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American Standard

Offering total comfort with the quietest operation, the new Heritage Hybrid 16 from American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has the highest efficiency available for dual fuel packaged units — up to 16.0 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) — the company says.

Able to operate as a two-stage electric heat pump and as a two-stage gas furnace, the Heritage Hybrid provides comfort under multiple conditions with the flexibility to choose between two energy sources.

The Heritage Hybrid 16 ducted fan moves air quietly with a sophisticated aerodynamic blade, while the advanced Vortica blower, made from a highly-durable composite, reduces noise even further.

Available in 3-, 4- and 5-ton models, Heritage Hybrid 16 reliability is assured with the American Standard allaluminum Spine Fin coil and Duration two-stage compressor. According to American Standard, service is fast and easy, with critical components behind removable embossed panels.

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Armstrong Air
According to Armstrong Air, reducing a home’s impact on the environment is as simple as installing its high-efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps, which feature energy-efficiency ratings up to 18 SEER as well as the non-ozonedepleting R-410A refrigerant.

Advanced engineering and highquality components allow Armstrong Air 418LT air conditioners and heat pumps to exceed Energy Star guidelines for energy savings. The twostage compressor design provides just the right level of heating or cooling to keep homes comfortable while helping lower utility bills, the company says.

In addition to the energy-saving benefits, the UltraTech Scroll compressor’s refrigerant doesn’t contain chlorine that can deplete the earth’s protective ozone layer.

Advanced system diagnostics continually monitor the units’ operation, which makes servicing the units quicker and more accurate. Pairing the units with select thermostats allows the diagnostics to protect the entire system, detecting certain error codes and even shutting down the unit if necessary to prevent compressor damage. Visit for additional information.


Coleman, a brand of residential/ light-commercial HVAC equipment manufactured by Johnson Controls, has introduced the [mc]2 MicroChannel MiniCube 13 SEER air conditioner.

The unit’s compact design incorporates micro-channel technology to make it the smallest 13 SEER airconditioning system in the industry, the company says.

The Coleman [mc]2 air conditioner uses an aluminum micro-channel technology coil to provide higher efficiency without a corresponding increase in coil surface area. This technology reduces the size of the unit by up to 40%, when compared to traditional 13 SEER products, and uses far less refrigerant. The unit’s footprint is 21 in. square, and its height varies from 22-in. to 30-in., depending on the unit’s capacity. The [mc]2 air conditioner features fully exposed refrigerant connections and a single panel covering the electrical controls for easy servicing. Secured re-usable service valves, on both the liquid and vapor sweat connections, make evacuating and charging easy.

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Lennox Industries Inc. has introduced a residential air conditioner rated at more than 20 SEER. Rated at up to 20.5 SEER, the XC21 is the most quiet and efficient central air conditioner on the market today, the company says.

With an energy efficiency rating of up to 20.5 SEER, the XC21 is included in the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, a product portfolio that includes some of the most environmentally-friendly products offered in HVAC today. All products within the Dave Lennox Signature Collection are extremely energy efficient, use only environmentallyfriendly refrigerants, and assist in reducing noise pollution through innovative sound dampening features, the company says.

As an Energy Star product, the XC21 meets EPA standards by using less energy, which reduces pollution. It uses chlorine-free R410A refrigerant, which meets the EPA’s most stringent environmental guidelines. Engineered with exclusive SilentComfort technology, the XC21 includes many innovations to reduce noise, including a patent-pending fan design, compressor with vibration insulators, a sound-dampening fan grill, and a Hushtone cabinet.

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Luxaire, a brand of residential/lightcommercial HVAC equipment manufactured by Johnson Controls, has introduced a new, high-efficiency heating product — the Acclimate Series modulating gas furnace.

With 95% AFUE, the Luxaire modulating furnace exceeds the minimum efficiency standards established by the DOE. All models within this series also meet the 95% AFUE level required for the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT), making this unit eligible for a $150 tax credit.

In addition to being energy efficient, the Luxaire modulating gas furnace maintains a constant temperature. By varying the gas input and the circulating airflow to closely match the amount of heat needed at any given time, this furnace will deliver maximum performance, comfort, and savings, while minimizing the sound level in the home, Luxaire says.

In addition, the company says this unit is as simple to install as a traditional single-stage furnace, with no additional steps are needed. The sensors and controls automatically compensate for air supply and exhaust variations, wind gusts and long vent runs.

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The new Trane XV95 variable speed gas furnace delivers a very high 96.7% AFUE rating. The Trane XV95 furnaces are designed with two-stage gas valves and variable speed motors delivering not only what the company says is the best efficiency and the ultimate in home comfort, but considerable money savings, too.

The Trane XV95 is Energy Starqualified and eligible for federal tax credits because it meets the AFUE requirement for gas furnaces. The savings, which can total as much as $150 in tax credits for the furnace and an additional $50 credit for the variable speed motor, makes the Trane XV95 furnace comparable in price to furnaces offering 90% efficiencies, the company says.

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The Sanyo ECO-i system is an intuitive system that provides an immediate response to a change in room capacity, heat loads, and varying sun exposure throughout the day. It lives and breathes with the room inhabitants to maintain maximum comfort, the company says.

Individual comfort zones allow for each office or room to be adjusted to personalized preferences. Since it is a ductless system, healthier air quality is achieved for all, Sanyo says. And, according to the company, the best part of this technology is that it is energy efficient.

Through one refrigerant piping network, outdoor units are connected to as many as 40 fan coil units that utilize environmentallyfriendly R-410A refrigerant. All ECO-i systems use a highly advanced inverter controlled compressor that can precisely match the rotational speed of the compressor to the amount of refrigerant being delivered to the needs of each zone.

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Heating and air conditioning dealers and homeowners will appreciate the ease and dependability of Maytag’s new line of iHybrid package units, the company says. The new gas furnace and electric heat pump combination achieves 14-SEER and an HPSF rating of 8.0 while providing improved indoor air quality.

iHybrid’s convertible design and compact footprint simplifies installation on the roof or on a slab. The product’s Comfort Alert II diagnostics and easily accessible controls allow technicians to quickly diagnose and resolve system problems.

Additional features include a Copeland Ultra-Tech Compressor, an ECM variable-speed motor, an expansion valve and environmentallyfriendly R-410A refrigerant. The 14-SEER dual-fuel systems are available in 3-, 4- and 5-ton capacities.

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According to Carrier, more than 2.5 million homeowners throughout the U.S. have chosen to make their home’s heating and cooling systems more environmentally sound by selecting equipment that uses non-ozone depleting Puron refrigerant.

Chlorine-free, Puron refrigerant (R-410A) is approved by the EPA. Beginning in 2010, the U.S. will require all air conditioning and heat pump manufacturers to produce systems compliant with R-410A refrigerant in accordance with the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

Consumers considering a new home comfort system should consider the unit’s refrigerant much as they would a SEER rating or Energy Star label, the company says. By choosing higher efficiency, air conditioner and heat pump equipment that use Puron refrigerant, consumers will be able to enjoy enhanced comfort, money savings and environmentally sound operation, all while protecting themselves from potentially rising service costs.

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The Samsung AQV Vivace system is a 12,000 Btu/h high wall ductless mini split that is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, using a shadow mirror front panel with a slim line chassis.

An MPI Hydrogen and Oxygen Ion generator is built in to the unit to remove viruses and harmful particles from the room.

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Just as hybrid vehicles are an attractive transportation alternative, dual fuel heating systems are the latest in efficient, economical comfort for the home, according to Bryant.

The company’s Hybrid Heat system includes a gas furnace paired with a heat pump, which lets dealers offer homeowners an ultra-efficient system that uses gas or electricity, whichever is more economical for the weather and fuel cost conditions in their area. This new technology from Bryant helps homeowners save money on utility bills in a time of unpredictable fuel costs.

The energy-saving duo capitalizes on less expensive electricity to heat the home in milder weather, switching to more effective gas heating in colder weather.

The Bryant Evolution 288ANA heat pump with the environmentally sound Puron refrigerant, with up to 18 SEER, is combined with the Bryant Evolution Plus 95i gas furnace.

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Takagi introduced its most powerful tankless water heater yet, the T-M50. Unlike any of its predecessors, this new unit uses two heavy-duty heat exchangers to produce up to 380,000 Btuh.

The dual system ensures that if one unit were to break down, the other would continue operating without any interruption, thus avoiding emergency situations. The new exchangers also utilize the most technically advanced copper available making the unit much more resilient against erosion and leaks.

The T-M50 has a thermal efficiency of at least 80% for both natural gas and liquid propane so it’s environmentally friendly and cost efficient. Plus, the output temperature can be adjusted from 100F to 185F, making it ideal for commercial applications, according to Takagi.

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Johnson Controls Inc. is proud to offer the York Affinity modulating gas furnace. This unit maintains a constant temperature while delivering improved comfort, quieter operation and reduced energy costs. With 95% AFUE, the modulating furnace also exceeds the minimum efficiency standards established by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Featuring a fully modulating gas valve, this new series of Affinity furnaces brings a new definition to the phrase “total comfort system,” according to York. By varying (modulating) the gas input and the circulating airflow to closely match the amount of heat needed at any given time, this furnace will deliver maximum performance, comfort and savings, while minimizing the sound level in the home.

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Mitsubishi Electric HVAC

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division recently unveiled its new City Multi S-Series outdoor unit, PUMY, with a cooling capacity of 48,000 Btu/h and a heating capacity of 54,000 Btu/h. The City Multi PUMY outdoor unit uses R-410A refrigerant and Mitsubishi Electric’s inverter-driven compressor to use energy effectively, shaving countless dollars off utility bills for end users, the company says.

A maximum of eight City Multi indoor units can be connected with up to 130% connected capacity and the PUMY’s demand control feature limits the compressor frequency to reduce energy consumption.

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