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Grundfos Jrgen Bjelskou discusses his companys six values and sustainability
<div class="image-description"> J&oslash;rgen Bjelskou discusses Grundfos&#39; six values, sustainability and public policy.</div>

Grundfos Finding the Sustainability Sweet Spot in Contracting

Grundfos, a company based in Denmark, is working to create better, more sustainable solutions for contractors. The comapny is studying the energy comsumptions of buildings Grundfos has set up a dorm with more than 200 students and 1,800 sensors, which will monitor performance, energy and water use and indoor climate. They are hopeful this information can be useful across the world.

What technology might make a big difference in sustainability for the domestic, commercial or industrial industries? Contractor Magazine’s Candace Roulo set off on a trip to Denmark to the Grundfos headquarters to find out.

With new energy and environmental efficiency regulations forthcoming, readers of Contracting Business may be interested in what Jørgen Bjelskou, Grundfos’ global public affairs director, said about his company’s innovations.

One area the company is hard at work studying is the energy consumption of buildings. A dorm in Denmark called Grundfos Kollegiet has been set up by the company with more than 200 students and 1,800 sensors, which will monitor performance, energy and water use and indoor climate. Grundfos officials hope this could be a prototype for universities in the U.S., and it eventually may be of great use for HVAC professionals in the contracting business.

Bjelskou emphasized that sustainability and efficiency are part of the company’s DNA, something they have been researching and testing with smart buildings.

“Legislation and standards are important drivers for innovation and energy savings,” said Bjelskou. “Grundfos works with politicians at the U.S. federal and state levels that share our values and ambitions.”

In a blog post on the trip, Roulo wrote that the products Grundfos make are produced in a socially responsible way and may help customers save natural resources. The company is “always creating better solutions faster,” she wrote, as they strive to always deliver high quality products at a good price.

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