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How a Business Weakness Hurts Customers

How a Business Weakness Hurts Customers

If our work is done poorly, it impacts customers’ comfort in a number of ways — from small to significant, obvious to surprising.

There’s a reason we call ourselves "Comfort Advisors" in the HVAC industry: It’s up to us to ensure that customers experience the utmost comfort through the quality of the air they breathe and service they receive. If our work is done poorly, it impacts customers’ comfort in a number of ways — from small to significant, obvious to surprising.

Every business has a weakness (or two). By identifying yours, a crucial step in the 60-minute business plan, you'll be able to address it and positively impact your customers (and your bottom line). Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Time: If you’re performing inefficient or inaccurate installations, there’s no way around it: you’re wasting the customer’s time — possibly time and time again if you’re called back for repairs. Work as efficiently and accurately as possible upon initial install to save your customer’s time.
  • Money: If you take too much of your customer’s time on repairs, you’re probably also taking too much of their money. Financial integrity is key to the HVAC industry, so make sure you’re working to maximize the worth of your work and minimize the cost of mistakes.        
  • Mood: You’re stressed, I understand. But try to bear in mind that your customer may be stressed too — as well as sweltering or shivering in his or her own home. Collaborate with the customer to arrange your service calls during time windows that work for them, then try your very best to stick to the agreed-upon schedule. Be respectful of the customer’s time, considerate of their mood, and proud of the reality that you’re giving them a real gift by fixing their HVAC system.
  • Health and wellness: Leaving a customer in an environment with poor ventilation or temperature control can cause health concerns ranging from respiratory issues to heat strokes. Consider yourself a veritable health hero when you have the opportunity to prevent health issues by providing quality HVAC service.      

Think your business’ weaknesses don’t affect customers? Think again. Don’t waste your customer’s time, money, and health a second longer.      

Mike Moore offers HVAC advice for managers, technicians, and sales teams daily on Facebook, Twitterand in his blog. Follow Mike and stay in the know.


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