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HVACR CONTRACTORS: Vote in The Dealer's Choice Awards

HVACR CONTRACTORS: Vote in The Dealer's Choice Awards

We want to know which products HVACR contractors have found to be most useful, and which products they incorporated into their businesses in 2015. No 'Voter ID' required. All we ask is that contractors do the voting.  

Products and more products. That's what you'll see when you visit our Dealer's Choice Awards online voting site.

Manufacturers have submitted one of their best products, which we have posted online, for our HVACR contractor readers to review.

Contractors, please register and vote one of four ways:

4 — I liked this product so much I am now using it.
3 — Very interesting. I plan to try it.
2 — A beneficial product, but it has no place in my business.

1 — Of average benefit. I will probably not try it.

Voting ends on November 7. Winners will be announced in the December print and online editions of

BE HEARD! VOTE in the Dealer's Choice Awards today!


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