5 Benefits of Ductless Zoning Systems for HVAC Contractors

Feb. 5, 2015
Ductless zoning systems require less installation time, less labor, and generate higher profit margins.

My story is a relatively simple one. In 1989, I founded my company, N.E.T.R., Inc., out of my own home in Beverly, Massachusetts. Over the last two decades, N.E.T.R. has grown into a highly profitable HVAC solutions provider in the Northeast. Ductless zoning products are the cornerstone of my business offering. I founded Ductless Consulting LLC in 2014 as a means to spread the news about ductless technology – one of the fastest growing product categories in the U.S. HVAC marketplace – to contractors and business owners nationwide.

HVAC professionals don’t often realize that ductless can be considered for any residential job, not just the typical niche projects that they first served years ago, such as sunrooms and finished attics. That’s because ductless zoning systems result in a level of comfort and control that is absolutely unparalleled in our industry.

Click through the gallery of photos above to see my reasons why contractors should consider adding ductless products, and how to get started.

Michael Cappuccio is president and founder of, N.E.T.R., Inc. and president, Ductless Consulting, LLC, Woburn, MA. Cappuccio founded N.E.T.R. in 1989 from his home. Since then, he has been a service technician, an installer, a dispatcher and has handled residential and commercial sales. N.E.T.R. has reached the highest level of accreditation from Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division.

For more information about how Ductless Consulting can set your ductless business on track, email [email protected].

Stopwatch photo by Digital Vision/Thinkstock. Other stock photos by iStock/Thinkstock. Installation photo and meView photo courtesy Mitsubishi Electric US Heating & Cooling.