What’s Next? HVAC’s Latest Technological Innovations

Feb. 20, 2015
The age of transformative technology is upon us.

The age of transformative technology is upon us.

It seems we see a new innovation that has potential to be a game changer within an industry every day. HVAC is no different, as we saw from many of the cool, new industry toys at this year’s 2015 AHR Expo. But what’s next in HVAC?

We wanted to look even further down the road to see which HVAC trends could change how business is done and make other companies scramble to catch up. There have already been glimpses of some of the changes, such as smart thermostats and big data, but will these grow even more? Will they see industry-wide adoption? Only time will tell, but it’s always great fun to look ahead and ask, “What’s next?”

Here, we look at some innovative ideas and developing technologies which have potential to become something much bigger over the next many years.

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