10 Commandments for Great Managers

April 10, 2015
Manager-leaders grow people. They inspire change, coach up, teach specific skills, and encourage people to take risks and stretch comfort zones.
In my first 30 years, I had a lot of horrible bosses and a few really great ones. The very best managers stand out. They get talked about. We all know who they are. We might not agree with what they say or do or understand why they do what they do, but we like how they make us feel. I have the extreme honor of being hired by some really great managers and leaders. I pay attention. I watch what they do and say. I listen. I write it all down.A manager is not the same thing as a leader. Managers manage people. It’s one-to-one. A manager grows people. He inspires change, coaches up, teaches specific skills, and encourages people to take risks and stretch comfort zones. He brings out the best in people. He truly cares about the people he serves. It’s true: You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want, first. Here are my 10 Commandments to master. They represent the things we must never forget if we are managers. It might not be a complete list, but it’s a great start. Think of them as ten goals to master over the next five years.Mark Matteson is an inspiring speaker and the author of the international bestseller, Freedom from Fear. He can be reached at
[email protected] or by phone at 206/697-0454. Visit his website at SparkingSuccess.net.

This article is based on Mark Matteson’s presentation at 2014 Comfortech, “10 Commandments for Great Managers.” Comfortech 2015 will be held September 15-18 in St. Louis, MO. Seminar registration will begin soon. Booth registration information is available at comfortechshow.com