Lights! Camera! Action! Winning HVAC TV Spots

Jan. 30, 2014
Here are some effective TV ads, news segments, and YouTube videos that HVAC contractors are using to become known as local experts and build their businesses.

For real estate, it's "location, location, location." For a business, it's "advertising, advertising, advertising."

We've collected a gallery of effective advertising from regional TV spots, YouTube videos, company website videos, and local news segments — all featuring local HVAC contractors.

If you're not doing something to be seen on local TV or the Internet, you're quite possibly missing out on increased sales.

Four of the companies featured here are past Residential HVAC Contractors of the Year. Hmmm...does that tell you something?

When you're perceived as a local expert, the phone will ring. FIND THE MONEY in your budget and get your people in front of the camera. Contact local video production companies. Get in touch with local TV station news producers, and tell them you can serve as their local expert for seasonal HVAC tips and advice. Visit with them, buy them lunch, or invite them to your shop.

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