2014 Annual Guide to High-Efficiency Air Conditioning

April 4, 2014
Presented as a sales tool, our annual HVAC air conditioning guide enables HVAC contractors to compare the industry’s top units side-by-side.

The new cooling season is here! Are you ready? As a faithful ContractingBusiness.com reader in print and online, you will have amassed a wealth of information over the past year to prepare you for the many challenges of the new cooling season.

One last item remains to complete your training, Jedi: our Annual Guide to High Efficiency Air Conditioning.

Always an HVAC industry favorite, our guide is presented without bias to any brand, as a sales tool to help licensed, certified HVAC contractors make side-by-side comparisons.

We know that brand loyalties exist, and that a system will only perform as intended when it is chosen carefully for each home. This requires a precise evaluation of load and other factors, according to a variety of industry standards and best practices. That's why we always mention that this guide is presented as a sales tool for initial side-by-side comparisons.

All units use refrigerant R-410A.

We wish you the best of success his season!

— The Editors