Portraits of HVAC Influence

July 13, 2015
For this look at influential people working in the HVACR industry, we focus on consultants and contractors who help other companies become better.

Two years ago, our look at some of the HVAC industry’s most influential people went back in time, to include many of the industry’s business and technology pioneers. This time we’re grounded in present day, with a look at current HVAC industry influencers who are helping others become better.

This new list of HVAC influencers isn’t as lengthy as our 2013 compendium, but we believe it provides a nice snapshot of 10 of the most influential folks at work in the HVAC industry today. The common factor at work in the lives and work of every one here, is that they live to help others reach their full potential, avoid mistakes, and build profitable HVAC businesses. If you weren’t nominated after our call for nominations, we hope you’re included next time around. -Ed.

Click through the gallery above to learn about these helpful HVACR heroes.