'Collage of Disgrace' — Wall of Shame June 2016

June 16, 2016
A new collection from the HVAC-Talk 'Wall of Shame' showing work the good guys have to fix.
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June, 2016

Here is another new collection from the HVAC-Talk 'Wall of Shame' compendium of terrible HVAC work found by good contractors.

We credit contractor 'a4s_HVAC' with the title 'Collage of Disgrace.' That's what he calls his collection of photos that are included here, and it is a perfect title for this entire collection.

These photos show HVAC hack jobs by the worst of the worst: the "unprofessionals" hired on the cheap to repair or install air conditioning and furnace systems.

The photos are submitted to HVAC-Talk's "Wall of Shame" by the good contractors who are called in to make it safe and right.

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