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More HVAC Wealth Wisdom from Ron Smith

More HVAC Wealth Wisdom from Ron Smith

One of the HVAC industry's leading pioneers and innovators — Ron Smith — has authored another book to help contractors grow more profitable HVAC businesses.

It's called "More & New HVAC Spells Wealth," and serves as a sequel to the popular and largest-selling HVAC book ever, "HVAC Spells Wealth." To order, visit and click on 'Store.'

"In this new book I carefully follow the theme of the original book, but provide even more meaningful information, all intended to attract new customers while keeping the customers you presently have," Smith says. "At the same time you’ll learn how to establish and maintain a company that is your area’s employer of choice."

The goal of this follow-up book is to continue to show HVAC contractors how to generate additional revenues and more profit.

Ron Smith — a 1994 inductee into the HVAC Hall of Fame — entered the HVAC industry in 1961, and was present for or served as an innovator of the industry's major service revolutions. Ron has been a very successful contractor, one of the industry's first franchisers, a consolidator and a consultant/coach. Smith continues to consult with contractors and distributors, give presentations, serves on the boards for two companies and writes. To date, he has produced three books and an audio CD collection.


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