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NCI Vice President of Communications amp Publications Mike Weil welcomes contractors to an informationpacked four days of learning and discussion
<p>NCI Vice President of Communications &amp; Publications Mike Weil welcomes contractors to an information-packed four days of learning and discussion.</p>

NCI Summit Explores HVAC & Home Performance

NCI sessions were divided into two distinct &ldquo;paths&rdquo; toward implementing the disciplines of HVAC Performance and Home Performance. The paths were designed with four &quot;Fundamental Implementation&quot; and four &quot;Advanced Implementation&quot; sessions that covered technical, lead generation, sales, and management topics.

There was gold in the hills of San Diego, and National Comfort Institute members went to find it.

The "gold" in this case was to be found in the wealth of ideas offered at this year's NCI Summit — "A Roadmap to Implementation."

NCI Chairman and CEO Dominick Guarino. Home performance evaluation and testing builds HVAC contractors' status as the go-to experts for home safety, comfort, health, and energy efficiency.

More than 110 attendees descended upon the beautiful Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa on Mission Bay and, in an industry first, were able to customize their Summit program to suit their needs. Sessions were divided into two distinct “paths” toward implementing the disciplines of HVAC Performance and Home Performance. The paths were designed with four "Fundamental Implementation" and four "Advanced Implementation" sessions that covered technical, lead generation, sales, and management topics.


“So many businesses missed out on something special,” commented Charlie & Linda Dieringer, of Air Force One Heating and Air, Inc., Canyon Lake, CA. 

The code word for the week was, "Eureka!" because that's what all gold miners shout when they strike it rich. During this week of learning, many "Eurekas" echoed through the NCI meeting rooms.

"We believe you’ll leave here with an excellent map to the gold mine that’s right in front of you," said NCI chairman and CEO Dominick Guarino, in his opening remarks. "Now, more than ever, is the right time for each of you to stake your claim in this fast-changing world of home performance," Guarino said.

"The HVAC industry is changing, and everyone is looking for the right answers. There’s no doubt in our minds that “delivered performance” is the right direction," Guarino continued.

Alan Fisher, left, Scott Fisher, and technician Jason Lamb plan their day on the first morning of NCI Summit 2015.

In addition to the classes and networking, attendees were treated to an inspiring keynote address by world-renowned motivational speaker, lecturer, and author Denis Waitley, author of “The Psychology of Winning,” “Empires of the Mind,” and others. Waitley delivered a humorous address on how to succeed no matter what hurdles are placed in front of you, and set the tone for the entire conference.

"Waitley’s theme tied in nicely with this year’s Summit theme on how to create a roadmap to implement Performance-based Services into your HVAC contracting business," Guarino said.

“The entire event was fantastic, says Jeremy Calvin, D. Lafferty Heating of Cambria, CA. ”NCI is making the world a better place, one day at a time. We are fortunate to have found NCI.”

NCI Coach Scott Johnson described the features and benefits of home performance test equipment.

A five-member contractor panel discussed performance-based services implementation challenges and successes. The panelists included:

NCI President Rob Falke spoke on maximizing the impact of NCI training for maximum sales.

• Eric Robnett, Home Energy Experts, Reno, NV
• Mark Pippin, Pippin Brothers, Inc., Lawton, OK
• Dave DeRose, Masterworks, Mechanical, Inc., Craig, CO
• John Boylan, Lakeside Service Inc., Brighton, MI
• Tim Caudill, KLM Mechanical Service, Inc., Shepherdsville, KY

For the third time, NCI presented its Coaches and Members Roundtable — an open discussion between attendees and a number of NCI’s Coach Partners. According to Business Coach John Garafolo, “this year’s roundtable was one of the best yet. The interaction between the coaches and the audience was incredible.”

Alan Fisher of FisherAir Heating and Air Conditioning Services, Brea, CA says that this year’s Summit was very inspiring to him personally. “I gained a desire and renewed commitment to make the changes necessary to implement the improvements of NCI’s higher standards and best business practices," Fisher said.




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