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Nortek Adds No-Coil-Cabinet Variation of M7RL Gas Furnace

Nortek Global HVAC, a Nortek Company, has launched a shorter version of its popular M7RL gas furnace in order to accommodate higher-SEER coils in crowded spaces. This new version, model M7RL ###A AWT, does not include an integrated coil cabinet.

“By offering this new M7 model without an integrated coil cabinet, we’re giving contractors and manufactured home builders more options in difficult furnace applications,” explains John Remley, Nortek Global HVAC product manager. “The M7RL furnace is used in manufactured housing where space is at a premium. Our new shorter variation will help contractors and home builders who need to accommodate taller evaporator coils due to higher efficiency, higher capacity or dual-fuel installations.

“Because it does not have an integrated coil cabinet,” adds Remley, “contractors and OEMs can select the appropriate coil box for a simple 13-SEER air conditioner in the North or a more challenging 14-SEER heat pump in the South.”

To install the new model, HVAC contractors will add a separate coil box, also manufactured by Nortek Global HVAC. The coil box that can accept evaporator coils up to 25 inches high. This height will accommodate 14 SEER air conditioner coils through 4 ton, and 14 SEER heat pump coils through 3.5 ton.

As with all Nortek Global HVAC M7 series furnaces, this new model operates at an outstanding 95% efficiency with heating capacities of 45, 60 and 72 MBTUH. New model M7RL ###A AWT is downflow only with a top return, meaning return air is brought to the top of the furnace with or without ductwork.

Nortek Global HVAC’s new furnace M7RL variation is available in the Intertherm®, Miller® and Broan® brands of HVAC equipment.

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