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Panasonic Expands Dealer Rewards Program

The dealers and contractors that complete training modules are able to achieve three levels of certification - Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Panasonic Heating & Air Conditioning Group today introduced enhancements to its Dealer Rewards Program including expanded benefits for dealers, contractors and end users across the country. The program will now offer more incentives to registered experts for selling, registering and servicing Panasonic HVAC equipment.

The program was initiated in May 2015. It's designed to enable dealers and contractors of Panasonic HVAC equipment to accumulate points for every eligible product sold and installed. Points do not expire and are immediately uploaded to a rewards card.

Malcolm Persaud

Building on what Panasonic sources say has been the early success of the Dealer Rewards Program, Panasonic offers newly enrolled dealers and contractors all the benefits of the first phase of the program in addition to a suite of new rewards. By completing educational online training modules, dealers and contractors receive increased warranties on products, priority access to select partner-financing programs and enhanced marketing support directly from Panasonic.  

The dealers and contractors that complete training modules are able to achieve three levels of certification - Bronze, Silver, and Gold – to unlock extended warranty for dealers. “Our goal is to recruit and promote well–trained, loyal contractors that provide exemplary installations and enhanced HVAC service in order to enrich the end user’s experience”, Malcolm Persaud, Senior Manager Product and Market Development, Panasonic Air Conditioning Group.

Panasonic has also collaborated with Spruce a private financial services company to provide homeowners with simple, affordable financing options to upgrade their heating and air conditioning systems. This added benefit provides contractors with additional flexibility to help their customers purchase the energy efficient systems they need at affordable rates. With Spruce, there are no contractor fees and with same day ACH deposits, contractors receive payment right away.

“Not only will registered dealers receive the benefits of the learning modules, extended warranties and financial support to grow their business, they will also receive marketing assistance direct from Panasonic. We view our relationships with contractors and their customers as long-term partnerships, and the Dealer Rewards Program allows us to engage with them in a much deeper, more meaningful way,”  Persaud said. Both the end user and the contractor will receive automated support and service reminders every six months, update customers about new offerings, and heighten visibility for sales opportunities for registered contractors by featuring them on Panasonic’s website via the HVAC dealer locator.

To sign-up for the expanded Dealer Rewards Program, a dealer/contractor must register at After successful registration, members will have the opportunity to unlock endless amounts of rewards.

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