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May 16, 2024
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ServiceTitan Expands to East Coast

Aug. 22, 2017
California-based ServiceTitan opens an Atlanta office in its first expansion to better connect with customers in the Eastern and Central time zones.

ServiceTitan, which provides enterprise software for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical residential contractors, announced it is opening a new office in Atlanta in order to better serve its customers. The company will also be recruiting customer success, customer implementation and technical support talent in Atlanta as part of the expansion.

“We recognize the many benefits of being in closer proximity to our customers to serve them better,” said CEO Ara Mahdessian. “Expanding to Atlanta will allow us to better connect with many of our clients. We want to be aware of, understand and respond more quickly with a personal touch for our customers, especially those in the Eastern and Central time zones. It’s all aimed at helping the home service business owners achieve the success they have worked for.”

Some of the benefits clients will experience initially are extended customer support hours and faster resolution on technical issues with the new customer support presence in the Eastern time zone.

"By being on the east coast, we can deliver better value for our customers,” said Vach Hovsepyan, vice president of customer success. “We can better understand their needs, provide longer support hours, have more opportunities for face-to-face time, and deliver faster technical issue resolution."

The Atlanta office will initially be staffed by a small group of ServiceTitan team members designated as technical support, implementation and training. By the end of 2017, the office is expected to be more than a dozen employees strong, with continued expansion planned for 2018.

“In addition to our support, implementation and training teams, we plan on building a regional customer success team starting in 2018 to better serve our customers,” said Sheily Chhabria, vice president of people. “Also coming in 2018, home service business owners will have access to onsite training sessions, focus groups and product roadmap previews. We will be hiring in the skill areas of customer and technical support and hope to attract the best talent in the Atlanta area.”