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    Amana Extends Emergency Flood Relief Program

    Dec. 13, 2017
    Amana brand’s Homeowner Support team will work to verify that homeowners receive the program discounts.

    The Amana Flood Relief Program that has been helping homeowners in Florida and Texas restore their flooded-out houses will be extended through February, the manufacturer has announced.

    The program is providing substantial discounts on Amana® brand heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products to help homeowners regain indoor comfort jeopardized by the hurricanes and tropical storms that ruined tens of thousands of homes late last summer. Special pricing through the Amana Flood Relief Program is available to participating Amana brand HVAC dealers to pass along directly to affected homeowners.

    Amana brand’s Homeowner Support team will work to verify that homeowners receive the program discounts. Also, to confirm installation, a participation form must be signed by both the local Amana brand HVAC dealer and the homeowner.

    “We created the Amana Flood Relief Program to help flood-affected homeowners facing the financial challenges of restoration and rebuilding,” said Scott Rucas, brand manager, Amana brand Heating and Air Conditioning. “The demand for this special pricing program demonstrates a serious, ongoing need. Amana has a legacy of providing comfort during challenging situations. We hope that by extending our relief program, we can provide more financial relief to homeowners tackling the challenges of rebuilding in the disaster’s aftermath.”

    Amana employees know all too well about the ravages of flooding. Most Amana brand HVAC systems are designed, engineered and assembled at a manufacturing campus near Houston, which was slammed by Hurricane Harvey. More that 273,000 homes were flooded during the storm and another 15,500 were destroyed, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

    Flooded-out homeowners can obtain special pricing by contacting their local, participating Amana brand HVAC dealer for details. Independent Amana brand dealers can be found at www.amana-hac.com.

    For more information about the Amana brand Flood Control Relief Program and Amana brand HVAC products, visit www.amana-hac.com.

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