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May 16, 2024
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Daikin Launches New VRV LIFE Systems For Residential Applications

March 14, 2018
Daikin VRV LIFE systems use inverter-driven VRV technology to solve some of the age-old residential HVAC challenges.

It's official: Daikin North America LLC has announced the launch of the new VRV LIFETM systems. VRV LIFE systems are re-inventing residential air conditioning by breaking traditional HVAC technological barriers.

VRV LIFE systems are designed specifically for residential applications, whether it’s single family homes, townhomes or condominiums. The precision engineering of the new VRV LIFE systems provide flexibility, zoning, low sound and space savings, with the ability to mix and match several styles of both ducted and duct-free indoor models to accommodate the typical and the not so typical HVAC applications.

Up to 9 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor VRV heat pump to heat or cool, with high heating capacities below 0F (-18C). A highlight of the VRV LIFE system offering includes an industry first, ducted-style furnace and evaporator coil system combination. Furnaces with evaporator coil combinations have been a common HVAC application throughout North America for many years, and are now also available with Daikin’s world class VRV inverter compressor technology. 

Daikin VRV LIFE systems use inverter-driven VRV technology to solve some of the age-old residential HVAC challenges. Compressors are the heart of heating and cooling systems and – as the single most energy consuming part of a system – it is important to understand that not all compressors are created equal. Traditional HVAC systems use single-speed or dual-speed compressors, while VRV LIFE systems are equipped with revolutionary Daikin variable-speed inverter technology.

VRV LIFE systems can be configured as a heat pump or a dual-fuel system using a gas furnace. As an all-electric heat pump, this system provides an efficient cooling and heating solution all year round with an extreme tempeature wide operating range from -4F - 122F. For colder months or for optimizing operational cost, VRV LIFE systems can also be paired with a gas furnace to provide a reliable source of heat in the most extreme climates.

The small footprint and side discharge design of the VRV LIFE system outdoor heat pump provides additional placement flexibility, requires less space and is quieter than traditional air conditioning systems.

Sources report the system's revolutionary engineering technology and application flexibility make VRV LIFE systems an ideal choice for premium residential applications.

The VRV LIFE system includes a 10-year parts and 10-year compressor replacement limited warranty*. For more details, visit VRV LIFE online at

*Complete warranty details available from your local dealer or at To receive the 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty, online registration must be completed within 60 days of installation. Online registration is not required in California or Quebec.

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