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May 16, 2024
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New System Reduces Water Wasted by Home Humidifiers

June 15, 2018
Sources report the Humidicycle system cuts water waste from home furnace/air handler humidifiers by 100% while also fighting dangerous bacteria.

A team of entrepreneurs from Southampton Massachusetts is taking the lead over a serious drinking water concern that results in millions of gallons of water wasted every year. The new invention by HVAC contractor Jim Patterson and his son Brian, is the HumidicycleTM system, which cuts water waste from home furnace/air handler humidifiers by 100% while also fighting dangerous bacteria that harvest in these moist environments.

Jim Patterson, the President of JB Solutions says, “One vital facet of cold climate winter comfort is humidity within our homes, however conventional processes we use to introduce moisture into the air is flawed in many ways. Room type humidifiers must be cleaned and sanitised diligently or they become breeding grounds for potentially dangerous bacterias. Even equipment typically sold by HVAC contractors that mount to our furnaces and air handlers have the potential to grow dangerous organisms that can be transferred to the air streams, harming families while also wasting massive amounts of drinking water.”

JB Solutions, Inc has developed a method to recycle this wastewater using its HumidicycleTM system, a patented device that captures, cleans and recycles the waste water. JB Solutions, Inc has installed a dozen Humidicycle systems over the past five months, where water meters were installed on four of the systems for measuring the conservation rates.

The units have chalked up a savings of over 11,000 gallons since their commissioning five months ago. One client alone recorded a savings of 5,300 gallons.

Sources report this is just the beginning of a larger conservation campaign as JB Solutions, Inc has plans to install roughly 50 Humidicycle systems in Western Massachusetts in 2018 with their sister company Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling. JB Solutions is also in the process of contracting a dealer network that will extend their ability to install more units and hopefully allow the Humidicycle to expand across the country. There will be more information on the potential for contractor and distributor partnerships in the coming months.

“We have been working very hard to get this product to market for the past two years,” Patterson said. “Now we can finally start seeing the impacts they will bring to homeowners and businesses in the Northeast and eventually throughout the entire US.”