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May 16, 2024
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BDR Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Aug. 9, 2018
BDR is a leading provider of business coaching and training services for HVAC and plumbing contractors.

Business Development Resources (BDR), a leading provider of business coaching and training services for HVAC and plumbing contractors in the United States and Canada, is proud to announce its 20th anniversary. BDR helps customers increase the profitability and efficiency of their businesses to prime by offering a variety of personalized coaching and training services tailored to the needs of contractors, distributors, and manufacturers.

Founded in 1998 by Bruce Wiseman and Barry Burnett in Seattle, Washington, BDR has empowered over 1500 clients with the industry expertise and information needed to drive profit and growth in their businesses. “We have passionate heartfelt caring for all of our clients,” said Barry Burnett, BDR Co-Owner and Training Leader. “We will do anything in our power to help them succeed.”

“There are no shortcuts in business,” said Bruce Wiseman, BDR Co-Owner & Company President. “We provide our clients with proven, time-tested strategies that work for all those involved in the contracting supply chain: Manufacturer, Distributor, Dealer, and Homeowner.”

Twenty years in, BDR and affiliates have grown to 90 employees located throughout the United States and Canada, including 25 coaches and 12 trainers. This collection of top talent possesses unrivaled industry experience.

“One of our core values is teamwork,” said Wiseman. “It is reflected in the quality of classes that we offer, the service we provide in our coaching programs, and our culture as a whole. We recognize that no one person’s efforts are enough—it takes the collaboration of people, skill, and inspiration to get the job done. We are stronger because of our team.”

BDR provides personalized coaching focused on profitability, structure, service, sales and labor management. Currently BDR hosts more than 200 business training classes annually with over 25 different classes. BDR presents specialized workshop-style curriculum through BDR University, offered regularly in Seattle, Phoenix, Atlanta, Dallas, and Raleigh. This year close to 1,000 attendees will descend on Seattle for Profit Launch. In its 14th year, Profit Launch is BDR’s industry leading business planning workshop.  Attendees leave with their very own completed five-year business plan.

For more information on BDR coaching and training programs, CLICK HERE.