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    Ingersoll Rand

    Ingersoll-Rand Adds Oxbox™ Line of Heating, AC Products

    Feb. 12, 2019
    Available in southern states in March, Oxbox is targeted for single- and multifamily replacements and homebuilder markets in North America.

    Feb. 12, 2019 — Ingersoll-Rand today announced the launch of Oxbox™, a new line of affordable, durable residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for single- and multifamily replacement and homebuilder markets in North America.

    Oxbox is a new brand endorsed by Trane that offers options for customers seeking affordable HVAC. The Oxbox portfolio includes air conditioning units, heat pumps, air handlers, coils, packaged units and furnaces that will be sold through new distribution.

    “Our customers have been asking for more value options for HVAC equipment that meets Trane brand approval for quality and durability,” said Bryan Davenport, general manager for Oxbox. “We are confident that the Oxbox brand will serve the needs of these value-oriented customers.”

    Davenport told ContractingBusiness.com that Oxbox product development began in early 2018.

    "We are confident in the product as far as its portability, durability and reliability. That's why we're choosing to put an endorsement on it from the industry's most trusted brand, Trane," Davenport said.

    Distribution is being established with distribution partners Trane is currently not aligned with. "Those are in the planning stage and will come to light as they further develop," Davenport said.

    Initial distribution will be in southern U.S. markets, beginning in March.