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    CALLING ALL CONTRACTORS: JB Solutions, Inc. to Establish HVAC Contractor/Dealer Network

    Feb. 20, 2019
    One-on-one approach will build network for HVACIV® condensate treatment system one contractor at a time.

    Southampton, MA; Feb. 20, 2019 — JB Solutions, Inc. today announced its plan to establish a nationwide, exclusive dealer network of contractors for its  HVACIV® condensate treatment system. Their approach will set up HVAC contractors as authorized distributors of this product line, and will work with these installers directly. The manufacturer/inventor-to-installer approach will build its distribution one HVAC firm at a time, said company co-founder, Jim Patterson.

    Jim Patterson has spent the past three decades as a contractor in New England. He developed the HVACIV® with his son Brian, to eliminate mold and microbial growth from commercial and residential HVAC systems.

    Brian’s exposure to the service side of HVAC initiated the design concept for the original  HVACIV® treatment system after seeing the need for a better solution to combat the nasty biofilm growth invading their client’s HVAC air conditioning pans and traps. Odors, clogged piping, flooded basements and damaged ceilings are all unfortunate side effects of the slime growing in every cooling/dehumidification system, residential or commercial. Developing a better “mouse trap” lead to the current patented, UL-certified assembly.

    Patterson said that with all the technicalities (patents and UL certifications) behind them, the process of distribution is the next hurdle. Based on past business experience, he says, the wheels are starting to turn, as he and Brian are working with contractors directly to build a system from the ground up.

    Jim explained his dealer network approach: “Our HVAC service company, Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling, has been built homeowner-by-homeowner for the past 15 years and has evolved into a very stable, self sustaining entity, with an amazingly loyal and supportive base of homeowners that I have been very fortunate to serve. I envision that same slow, calculated approach with JB Solution’s distribution of our HVACIV® and Humidicycle products."

    Patterson said he will build the network, "one quality contractor at a time," to ensure positive growth, and offer time for one-on-one communication.

    "I’ve lived and breathed these systems for the past two years, and sharing my experience will help new dealers thrive and enjoy the benefits of our systems immediately," Patterson said.

    “We have been working very hard to get this product ready for market for the past two years,” Patterson continued. “We welcome calls and emails from contractors to discuss the opportunity to become a JB Solutions, Inc. dealer, and enhance their business and sales by adding the HVACIV® to their product line.”