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May 16, 2024

Appolo Heating Begins Proprietary Training Program

April 3, 2019
This HVAC leader has embarked on its own training program, to accommodate anticipated 15- 20% growth by 2023.

April 3, 2019Moro Corporation, a multi-subsidiary construction products and services company, today announced a new on-site workforce training program at subsidiary Appolo Heating. Against the backdrop of an aging workforce and competitive labor market, Appolo Heating took an innovative approach to workforce development by creating an on-site training center to develop its own qualified workers to help the 50-year-old air conditioning and heating contractor business continue to meet its aggressive growth.

Schenectady, N.Y, Appolo Heating's home base, has a sparcity of qualified workers. The region’s unemployment rate hit a low of 3.4 percent in 2018.

"We have the work—and the ability to get more work. But we can't take on that work if we don't have the additional labor capacity," Appolo Heating President Marc Gladding said. "So, we’re training our own talent on-site now, to keep up with demand and set the stage to grow 15 to 20 percent by 2023."

Appolo Heating currently has 130 employees across three locations covering upstate New York and has added about 20 new employees since 2017. Gladding expects to add another 20 employees in 2019.

Most of Appolo's growth over the last few years has come from the retail side of its business, typically from customers who rely on Appolo when their air conditioning or furnace breaks down or needs replacing. Between peak seasons, the company focuses on service contracts and indoor air quality services.

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