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Rotobrush Launches New Carrier for BrushBeast

The new 'Speed Tray' carrier lets technician have everything they need right there to get the job done faster.

Rotobrush® International LLC has released the newest version of its most powerful air duct cleaning system. The BrushBeast, which launched in 2015, allowed contractors to expand their services to commercial customers and the latest updates make it easier for contractors to have all their tools and accessories in one place while still being able to maneuver throughout the job site. The new “Speed Tray” carrier allows you to have everything you need right there to get the job done faster.

“We are always looking for solutions to make the air duct cleaning process easier for contractors,” said Bob Elledge, president and CEO of Rotobrush International. “We’ve updated the carrier to provide more space for accessories and the necessary tools to complete the job. It’s more convenient for contractors and they can quickly access the equipment without going back and forth to the truck.”

Updated features of the new BrushBeast carrier include:

  • Additional storage to hold drills and other on-the-job tools
  • Brushes attach to carrier
  • Shop vacuum accessory holder
  • Fogger holder
  • Cup holder
  • New hose holder design
  • Screw holder with attached magnet
  • All new one piece construction design

Sources say the BrushBeast offers a big increase in power that remove heavy buildup while still maintaining a compact and portable size that can easily be moved throughout a home or business.

Features of the BrushBeast:

  • Up to 90 percent increase in vacuum power to remove the heaviest build up in air duct systems
  • Forward thinking design that allows for easy maneuvering and allows access into attics and crawl spaces
  • Durable body constructed with thick, high-quality polypropylene for superior strength.
  • Large 12-in. nylon-enforced wheels to navigate tough services.
  • Additional hose offering a total length of 52 feet.
  • Advanced filter bag design that is stronger and capable of holding a larger amount of debris without losing section power.
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