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Samsung AHR booth Informa

Samsung at 2018 AHR Expo

Russell Tavolacci — Sr. VP and COO for Samsung HVAC America — shares news about Samsung's WindFree™ ductless unit, and DR-Link, an app that puts the power of information into the hands of the installing contractor.

During the 2018 AHR Exposition in Chicago, we spoke with industry manufacturing leaders, to learn their main message for attending contracting firms, and news about their many new innovations. 

Here, Contracting Business' Editorial Director Terry McIver interviews Russell Tavolacci, Sr. VP and COO for Samsung HVAC America at AHR Expo 2018. Tavolacci shared the news of Samsung's new WindFree™ ductless system, that cools a room without disruptive airflow.

"We're introducing a wider spectrum of our WindFree™ technology, that adds true functionality to enhancing comfort, with many of the different products we're offering," Tavolacci said. "Everything will be more and more connected, and Samsung is making worldwide efforts to increase system connectivity."


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