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Seiderman Takes Marketing, Sales Reins at Samsung

Seiderman Takes Marketing, Sales Reins at Samsung

Brian Seiderman, MBA-PE, has had a frenetic first quarter as the new vice president of sales and marketing for Samsung HVAC. He took on the role January 1 of this year. Seiderman joined Samsung from Daikin, where he held a variety of sales leadership positions.

“Samsung has the ability to reinvent this industry like no other, because it can take a high-tech industry approach to the HVAC sector,” Seiderman told

“So now, we can talk about refresh rates, and get the product change cycle in alignment with the customers needs and wants.”

Seiderman, a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, started out as a “rocket scientist” for Martin Marietta. He earned his MBA from the University of California. Throughout his career, which includes stints at Monterey Mechanical and at Siemens, he has managed engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and he’s excited that his role at Samsung will allow him to manage all four at once.

Seiderman, who describes himself as a multi-industry, multi-function guy, says of Samsung, “I could not have selected a better opportunity.”


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