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Social Media Posting Ideas: 20 Posts That are HVAC Company Related

Your company social media page is about your company. Use it to position your company as the type of business people want for their HVAC work.

Used well, social can positively affect your business by deepening customer relationships and adding new customer connections. Yet, many contractors fail to take advantage of the opportunities because they get stumped on what to post. Here is the third of a multi-part series that will present dozens of social media posting ideas.

Posts That are Company Related

Your company social media page is about your company.  While you engage the customer, you also want to use it as a way to position your company as the type of business people want for their HVAC work.  Most of these ideas center around employee recognition and positioning the company.

1. New Hire Pictures – When you hire a new employee, post a picture of the person and welcome him to your family.  Create a new hire special offer for the new employee to share on his social media page.

2. Unique Job Pictures – When you complete a unique job, one at a notable location or with unique characteristics, post pictures.  When you replace a particular old system, take before and after pictures to post.

3. Selfies With Event Speakers – When you attend an industry or other event with a celebrity keynote, wait in line to get a selfie with the speaker.  Post this to your social media pages.

4. Training Classes – Post pictures from your training classes.  Note how your team is kept state-of-the-art with continual training.

5. Help Wanted Messages – Need technicians?  Dispatchers?  CSRs?  Salespeople? Post your help wanted messages on social media, but keep an eye towards a writing your ads with a dual purpose to make your company attractive to prospective employees as well as prospective customers.

6. Complements of Team Members – When you complement a team member, complement the person through social media too. 

7. Company Blog Entries – If you have a company blog (and you should), post links to the blog articles on social media.  In this way, social media is acting as a big net to catch people and pull them to your website.

8. Pictures of Special Tools – Post pictures and descriptions of the special tools and software you use in your business.  Explain what the tool does and give people a ballpark of what it costs.  Do not take it for granted that people know.  The layman does not.  He may only be mildly interested, but you are positioning your company as a professional organization and highlighting the investments necessary to be a contractor.

9. Company Mission – Every year or so, post your company mission on social media.  It is not a trade secret.  Share it.

10. Company Values – Do you have defined company values?  If so, share them.  Share them one at a time and explain why each is important.

11. Team Pictures – Always look for opportunities to post pictures of your team.  As you company grows, you should take annual team photographs.  When you do, post the pictures.

12. Company Events – Post pictures from any company events, such as outings to a ballgame, fishing trips, picnics, and even birthday celebrations.

13. Team Member Profiles – Profile each one of your team members, including their job, a quote from the team member about their job and/or the company, and their interests outside of work and post the profiles on social media.  It humanizes your company.

14. Company Milestones Achieved – Whenever you achieve an important company milestone, post it.  The Nth customer, Nth system installed, and so on.  Try and calculate how much energy you save from each change out and post the net energy savings from your installations over the course of a year.

15. Company Awards – Whenever your company wins an award, post it and post it again.  Remember, from the moment you win an award yours will forevermore be an award winning company.

16. Employee Awards – When employees win awards, whether internal, industry, or outside the industry, celebrate these with a post.

17. Happy Birthday/Anniversary Messages to Team Members – Post happy birthday messages to your team members’ pages and cross post on your page.  Post on their service anniversary as well.

18. Vendor Profiles – Profile your key vendors (not just equipment) and stress why you choose to use them over other vendors.  Post this on your social media pages and make sure your vendors know about it.

19. Cute Kid Pictures – If any employees bring their cute kids to the office for a day, post pictures.  People love cute kid pictures.

20. Team Members Performing Volunteer Work – When employees perform volunteer work in the community, ask them to text you pictures you can post.  Post these whether or not the volunteer work is related to the company or industry.  It shows community involvement by your team.

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