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Strategic Marketing – It’s Not Rocket Science

by Matt Spaulding 

There are million things you can do to market your company today. If you have the money, you can advertise on TV, radio and billboards.  You can sponsor little league baseball teams or do direct mail. You can be on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and as many different online platforms as possible.    

But most companies don’t have the budget, resources or expertise to do everything effectively. And even if they do, being everywhere is not strategic. 

In my experience as a public relations and marketing professional, the companies that are most strategic (and successful) in their long-term marketing undertake the following four steps.

Matt Spaulding is the president and founder of Spaulding Communications, a strategic marketing and communications firm that works specifically with companies in the residential and commercial building products industry. He can be reached at 404-270-1010 or 


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