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Summertime is Coming: 9 Tips to Keep Customers HVAC Systems Running

Snow flurries this week may not have given many warm thoughts, but a quick look at the calendar reveals that we’re only a short few months away from sunshine, warm temperatures and air-conditioning season.

As a contracting business, you know how devastating it can be for an HVAC system to go out amidst a heat wave at a customer’s home. Not only does it cause a large amount of discomfort, it can be a health concern at high temperatures.

Stop these HVAC malfunctions before they happen; alert customers to some common things they can do to make sure their air conditioning system works and keeps working.

We compiled a list of nine things your residential customers can do to ensure their HVAC system is in tip-top shape for the dog days of summer. A friendly reminder of these tips to them could be a great step in building the relationship and trust customers have in your business.

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