Tech Update: April 2013 Commercial Rooftops and Residential Tools & Instruments

Commercial Rooftops: Dual-fuel, Built-up, Central-station Heat Pumps & AC Systems. Residential Tools & Instruments: Gauges, Hand Tools, Multimeters, Anemometers, Air Hoods, Diagnostics.

Commercial Rooftops

Allied Air
Allied Commercial announces the expansion of its K-Series rooftop packaged unit line with new high-efficiency models. Expanding on the success and proven performance of current K-Series models, the new units can help commercial buildings comply with sustainability standards while helping users to conserve energy and take advantage of federal and state energy-efficiency incentives.

Available from 2- to 25-tons in gas/electric, electric/electric and heat pump models, K-Series units offer more than 100 field-selectable options to meet a variety of applications. Each unit can be made up to 25% more efficient with the addition of an optional, single-zone VAV (Variable Air Volume) supply fan. All K-Series units come standard with an Eco-Last coil system that uses up to 52% less refrigerant, are up to 59% lighter and have up to 20% fewer brazed joints than standard units for increased efficiency and cost savings.
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Building owners can increase operating efficiency and comfort control with a Carrier EnergyX energy recovery ventilator (ERV) system, now offered on Carrier WeatherMaster 48/50HC rooftops. This factory-installed offering pre-conditions the outdoor air before it enters the rooftop unit evaporator coil, and uses building exhaust air as a heat exchange source. As a result, the system, which is fully integrated into the rooftop unit, operates efficiently under a wider range of ambient temperatures. Based on Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) guidelines, these EnergyX units achieve Combined Efficiency Factors (CEF) of up to 20.

The EnergyX system comes fully integrated as a single packaged product on Carrier WeatherMaster 48/50HC units and uses standard roof curbs for streamlined installation. Units come standard with ComfortLink controls and have a single-point power connection. Additional options include a true wheel bypass economizer and variable-speed energy recovery fans for optimum Demand Control Ventilation (DCV).            circle 155

In one self-contained unit, the dual-fuel Goodman brand GPD14 packaged heat pump delivers year-long heating and cooling – alternating between two energy sources to provide impressive efficiency ratings of up to 15 SEER and 8.0 HSPF.
Goodman’s GPD14 boasts a high-efficiency scroll compressor that operates in tandem with a high-efficiency condenser coil – constructed of refrigeration-grade copper tubing and aluminum fins.

The GPD14’s heat exchanger features corrosion-resistant, tubular aluminized-steel, using wrinkle-bend technology that adds strength.The Goodman dual-fuel packaged system is covered by a 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty. All functional parts are covered by a 10-year parts limited warranty.      circle 156

The SunSource commercial energy system now offers a 265-watt solar panel, M215 microinverter and Unirac ballasted mounting system.

Available for integration with the solar-ready Energence rooftop units, the
SunSource system offers a flexible, scalable design and simple, low-cost installation, with:

• Effective efficiency levels of 34 SEER
• Adaptability to roof size and orientation
• A plug-n-play design that allows up to 25 panels per 3-phase rooftop unit; up to 17 per 1-phase rooftop unit
• No significant changes required to the building’s electrical infrastructure
• Solar-ready capability with a new disconnect panel (larger fuses available for 3- to 6-ton Energence units)
• A ballasted flat-roof mounting that minimizes the need for roof penetration
• A modular, lightweight design that minimizes rooftop load, save labor and allows for easy expansion if needed.         circle 157


Residential Tools & Instruments

Control Company
Control Company’s traceable infrared dual laser thermometer w/type-K probe takes a reading in less than a second, sources say. Dual lasers show diameter of surface area being measured. LED light illuminates surface and reads in both F/C. Field of view is 12:1. Temperature range is –76 to 1022F and –60 to 550C. Resolution is 0.1. Accuracy is ±2% of the reading or 2C, whichever is greater

Dual display shows current temperature plus one of the following: emissivity value, maximum memory, minimum memory, differential, average (time weighted), high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, probe temperature. MIN/MAX feature shows highest/lowest readings at any time. Unit displays average of all readings made while taking measurements and difference between two readings.    circle 158

The new dual in-duct psychrometer from Fieldpiece Instruments measures both supply and return air conditions at the same time and adjusts calculations based on changing conditions. Designed for HVACR professionals, the standalone psychrometer has two probes that each simultaneously measures wet bulb and dry bulb (temp) at both the return and supply to provide live readings of the evaporator conditions.

In addition, data can be sent wirelessly to the Fieldpiece SMAN4 digital manifold for live target superheat calculations while working at the condenser, or to the HG3 system analyzer for full system analysis and data reporting.       circle 159

hilmor introduces an electronic gauge with vacuum sensor. The hybrid gauge features both analog and digital readouts so technicians have the response of a needle and clarity of an
LCD display. The outer displays show system pressure using the needle and LSAT/VSAT temperatures in the digital display. The inner LCD displays pressures, temperatures and calculates superheat and subcooling.

Backlit gauges on the electronic gauge with vacuum sensor are easily visible in all types of light and the outer gauge color automatically changes to match the selected refrigerant.
Other built-in features include P/T data for 39 refrigerants, a micron-gauge and self-calibration every time the gauges are turned on. Accuracy is within 1%. The tool is protected from wear and tear with high-impact boots. The electronic gauge with vacuum Sensor can be purchased with or without hoses.          circle 160

Ideal Industries
Ideal Industries, Inc. debuts its new HeatSeeker thermal imager thermography solution for the predictive maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems. Less cumbersome to use than traditional thermal imagers, the handheld HeatSeeker™ was designed to meet the stringent standards for performance set by HVACR professionals.

The Ideal HeatSeeker incorporates an auto hot/cold tracker, a new technology that automatically pinpoints the hottest and coldest temperatures within a single screen by highlighting both with dual cursors. A quick scan of the auto hot/cold tracker immediately identifies current or potential problems, such as overloaded circuits, inefficient heat transfer, moisture leakage, or fluid distribution for a stuck valve.      circle 161

The compact sub cool/superheat calculator by Mastercool, is pre-programmed with 24 refrigerants and can easily calculate the critical information utilizing any gauge set. The technician can achieve subcool or superheat readings in 3 steps:

a. enter refrigerant
b. enter pressure from gauges
c. clamp on thermo couple on proper tube.

This product provides a compact tool that can calculate critical data easily using existing equipment.

Additional features include:

• pre-programmed with 24 popular refrigerants
• clamp-on K type thermocouple included to achieve accurate temperature measurement
• view bubble and dew temperature for corresponding pressure on large LCD display.
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Refco Manufacturing
Refco Manufacturing US Inc. introduces the Octa-Wireless charging scale that’s fully programmable for both charging and recovery of refrigerants. The wireless control box has a 33-ft. range. The weighing platform is suitable for large cylinders with a capacity of 220lbs. This scale is used for precision charging of refrigeration and air conditioning systems in pounds, pound and ounces, ounces or grams. The Octa-Wireless charging scale can be converted from programmable to fully automatic with the addition of the Ref-Meter-Octa-Plus charging module.
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Testo Inc. introduces the testo 552 digital vacuum gauge to confirm the evacuation of air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration systems.  Unlike other vacuum gauges, the  testo 552 requires no cleaning, nor is it susceptible to contamination from oils. The absolute pressure sensor delivers accuracy to +/-10 microns.

Outfitted with a large back-lit display, and rugged IP 42 Protection Class (dust & splash resistant) housing, the testo 552 is tough enough to withstand a 6-ft. drop.   Additional features include long battery life to 2400 hours, a high limit alarm, and display of water evaporation temperature.  For owners of the testo 570 digital manifold, the testo 552 can be connected to the t570 to data log and/ or print your evacuation data.
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