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Tell Us About Your Successful HVACR Techs!

In July we look at some of the industry best HVACR technicians: how they got to be so good, and their outlook on the future. Tell us about your best techs!

Contracting Business print and online content for July will include a look at some of the HVACR industry's most proficient and dedicated residential and commercial HVACR technicians. 

But we need to hear from HVAC and refrigeration contracting businesses. Call Terry McIver at 216-931-9732 or emal to [email protected]

This story will include interview commentary from both employers and technicians, about their training history — including their certifications through North American Technician Excellence (NATE) or other programs— attitude on the job and outlook on the future. 

If you prefer to give credit to the entire tech team, we can do that to, with commentary on how they work together as a team.

Please get in touch soon! And thanks for your contribution!

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