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Today's the Day! Philanthro Launches New Line of Air Filters With a Charitable Mission

Today's the Day! Philanthro Launches New Line of Air Filters With a Charitable Mission

JULY 21, 2015 — PhilanthroTM today unveiled the world’s first line of air filters that engages customers in a charitable cause. The company is raising awareness through a 30-day crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo at where consumers have the opportunity to be among the first to support the new brand and receive exciting rewards in return for their support.  More information can also be found at

Philanthro’s mission is to transform the lives of orphans and vulnerable children around the world by offering high quality air filters and donating a portion of each sale to non-profit organizations focused on serving the physical, educational, emotional, spiritual and social needs of these children.

There are over 163,000,000 orphans and vulnerable children around the world and there are almost the same number of households in the United States that need to purchase air filters on a regular basis. Philanthro believes that by giving consumers a choice to switch to a brand with a social mission, they can make a positive difference.

Large industry incumbents such as Honeywell and 3M have dominated the air filter business for decades with broad distribution and brand recognition, but they lack an authentic connection to a “social good” cause that their customers can believe in.

“Buying replacement air filters for your home has always been a boring, routine purchase.  With the launch of Philanthro air filters, consumers now have an exciting alternative.  By choosing Philanthro air filters for their homes, consumers now have the opportunity to be a part of an important cause and make a tangible difference in the lives of children who need our help,” said company founder Will Housh.

Since 1998, Philanthro team members have devoted over 10,000 hours serving orphans in multiple countries in partnership with Back2Back Ministries (, an international non-profit organization dedicated to being the voice of orphans.  Together, Philanthro and Back2Back believe in a holistic approach to orphan care dubbed the “5-Point Child Development Plan” that serves as a tool to measure success toward sustainability with each child in the areas of physical, educational, emotional, spiritual and social healing.  This approach has proven to help orphan children experience healing and restoration.

Philanthro announced the launch of the new line of air filters on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo ( with a goal to raise at lease $50,000 in initial support from customers who believe in the mission and want to help orphans and vulnerable children.  Through the crowdfunding campaign, Philanthro is offering a variety of rewards for people who support the project, including public recognition on the Philanthro website (, a year’s supply of Philanthro air filters, a GoPro camera filled with Philanthro mission trip footage, and the opportunity to join the Philanthro team on an international orphan care mission trip.

“We exist to love and care for orphans and vulnerable children.  We want to help these children overcome their life circumstances, break free from the cycle of generational poverty, and grow up in a healthy, loving family environment,” said Housh.  “We hope thousands of people join us on this exciting venture and get involved in this incredibly important cause by purchasing a year’s supply of Philanthro air filters and spreading the word about our crowdfunding campaign!”

For more information, please visit or contact the Philanthro team at [email protected]

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