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What are your business marketing challenges (Photo by Michael Smith/Getty Images)
<p>What are your business&#39; marketing challenges?</p>

What are the Most Effective Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses?

Marketing is a moving target. What your contracting business was doing last year may not necessarily work as well this year, so it is important to keep up with current trends.

Ayaz Nanji wrote on MarketingProfs that a recent study from Infusionsoft found that top strategies included 62 percent who prefer good, old-fashioned word of mouth, 34 percent with a preference for emailing to their own list, 25 percent networking and 23 percent social media.

As far as challenges small businesses face for marketing, Nanji broke it down into bullet points:

  • 55% say finding enough time to get everything done is a huge business challenge.
  • 43% struggle with managing everything themselves.
  • 40% say finding enough money to invest in their ideas is a huge challenge.

What are some of the challenges you face in marketing your small business? Let us know; email [email protected]. We’d love to hear your stories.

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