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Acid Neutralizing Essential After Compressor Burnout

Sept. 3, 2019
Following a compressor burnout, steps must be taken to prevent acid from eating away at the new compressor

A compressor failure is the most expensive component to fail. Preventative step is to keep moisture and acid out of the system. Compressors rely on oil in order to provide consistent results. Main causes of AC system compressor burnouts are excess moisture causing chemical reactions to form acid byproducts, eating away the compressor. Getting a system up and running after a compressor burnout requires certain steps that, if done correctly, may be the difference between years of trouble-free operation or only a few months before the replacement compressor also fails and needs replacement. There are different types of ways to treat a compressor burnout, one bonds and suspends the acid molecular the other way is a neutralizer that attacks the acid and separates the acid molecular disabling the acid.

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