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Learn How RectorSeal’s Acquisition of TRUaire Enhances the Residential and Commercial Line of High-Quality Grilles, Registers and Diffusers

Feb. 15, 2022
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Everyone wants top-quality grilles, registers and diffusers (GRD) as they make a great finish to any HVAC installation.

RectorSeal’s recent acquisition of TRUaire allows the company to expand its complete residential and commercial line of grilles, registers, and diffusers. Plus, both RectorSeal and TRUaire provide excellent service and support, so there’s something for everyone.

Download this quiz and learn how the TRUaire line of grilles, registers and diffusers can help HVAC dealers enhance the look and function of any HVAC system.

Quality, Service, and Options Help you Help your Customers.

Learn how RectorSeal’s acquisition of TRUaire enhances the residential and commercial line of high-quality grilles, registers and diffusers.

Sometimes, one is better than two. With RectorSeal’s recent acquisition of TRUaire, the performance of both organizations has been enhanced, with TRUaire’s legacy of product quality and customer service joining forces with RectorSeal’s market leadership. RectorSeal distributors and representatives can now offer TRUaire GRD products to customers looking for the best options to support business growth.

And that’s better for everyone as TRUaire’s products offer high quality that benefits HVAC dealers and their customers alike. Take this quiz to learn about the benefits of the TRUaire line of grilles, registers and diffusers and how they can help HVAC dealers and their customers.

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