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    Update on What's App-ening

    Feb. 25, 2013
    Some great time-saving features are available in new smart phone applications are available from White-Rodgers, ecobee, ToolWatch Corp., Arkema, ABC, GPS Insight, VMC,Field Controls, and Advanced Energy.

    New smart phone applications continue to roll in every week. Here's a handful with HVAC business applications, and one with a more political appeal.

    Advanced Energy

    Advanced Energy has released a new combustion safety app for Android and a
    combustion safety app for iPhone. With support from the Southwest Building Science Training Center and Foundation for Senior Living, this new and free app assists any person who is conducting combustion safety testing procedures, such as a home performane contractor conducting and energy assesment, or in combination with any additional home energy upgrades, such as air sealing, insulating, HVAC upgrades, and more.


    Arkema has released its most recent mobile phone application, the ForaneRefrigerant Pressure and Temperature Calculator.  The mobile app. is available for the iPhoneand Androidplatforms and has a variety of interactive features.

    The Foranerefrigerant P/T calculator is an essential aid to those working in the field. Foranerefrigerant P/T enables users to easily input pressure or temperature readings and immediately receive all corresponding values in return.  The app. also provides quick calculation for subcooling and superheat values, as well as helpful descriptions and chemical properties of available Forane-brand and generic refrigerants.

    Associated Builders & Contractors

    Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) unveiled a new political advocacy action software application, ABC Action, which allows users to send letters directly to the
    offices of federal officials in Washington, D.C. on a mobile device. “ABC is the first national business association to offer this exciting new political advocacy feature to its members,” says ABC Vice President of Government Affairs Geoff Burr. “With two clicks on their phone or mobile device, ABC members can send a letter to their federal representatives and have their voices heard on policy and regulatory issues that are critical to the construction industry.” ABC Action allows users to respond to action alerts, stay up-to-date on policy issues, see how their representatives voted, track key votes and share information via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. On important issues that require an immediate response, ABC Action users can send an email to a key federal contact or directly phone a federal office. The ABC Action app is available in the iTunes store here  and Google Play store here.


    ecobee Inc., makers of the award-winning EMS (Energy Management System) and EMS Si
    Wi-Fi thermostats announced the launch of their new, free, commercial smart phone application for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Providing added convenience, the new App will allow ecobee customers to monitor and control an unlimited number of ecobee EMS and EMS Si thermostats in multiple locations, from anywhere.

    “The new EMS App was developed in partnership with our commercial customers who range from HVAC contractors and distributors, to facility managers and business owners,” according to Stuart Lombard, ecobee’s President and CEO. “During the development process, our customers’ told us that their biggest challenges included high demands on their time, responding to a large percentage of unwarranted service calls, and dealing with repeat occurrences at one or more facilities. These challenges resulted in wasted productivity and unnecessary costs," Lombard says.
    The EMS App was developed to address these challenges and to provide ecobee customers with a simple and easy way to monitor and control all of their EMS and EMS Si Wi-Fi thermostats while on the go.

    Find the iphone app here.
    Find the Android app here.
    Find the Blackberry app here.

    Field Controls

    Field Controls has introduced the Healthy Home IAQ App. Sources says this app is a powerful, versatile new tool for the HVAC contractor. In easy to understand language, it
    explains to the homeowner why they need to take charge of their indoor air and how best to do it. A short animated video explains the need for better iAQ and how the Healthy Home System works to keep the air Fresh, Clean, and Pure. The app also guides the homeowner through a simple scorecard analysis of the air in their home so they can identify the solutions that are right for them. It even helps the contractor configure the right system for each homeowner, based on their needs and budget.

    GPS Insight

    GPS Insight, a leading technology provider of GPS fleet tracking software, announced its new mobile app for Android today, in addition to its existing iPhone app. 

    With GPS Insight Mobile for Android, fleet managers don’t need to be at their desk in order to stay up to date with fleet activity. The Android app allows you to quickly view vehicle location, status, driver, odometer, and more features to come. 

    GPS Insight Mobile is designed to be easier to use and more efficient than using a mobile device’s browser to load the desktop version of GPS Insight.


    With the Hussmann Product Reference Guide mobile app, refrieration contractors can use their smart phones to browse for the right customer case solutions. They can review case features and benefits, share photos of an innovative product design, or email a brochure pdf to a new prospect.


    ToolWatch, a leading tools, equipment and materials management company, will soon
    release a mobile application that integrates with its Enterprise platform. Serving more than 4,000 organizations in 20 countries, ToolWatch’s goal is to provide maximum utilization and productivity through the most current and reliable technology. The app is scheduled for March release. Visit ToolWatch for additional information.

    VMC Facilities

    Gordon Bruner, owner and founder of VMC Facilities, has launched a free app for both the Apple and Android markets.  "Minutes to Save Thousands," will provide users with
    information to help minimize repair costs to businesses of all types.  The apps are available via links on the new website, here, and will provide an array of checklists and video segments with step-by-step instructions covering everything from maintaining heating and air conditioning units to some simple practices to reduce utility expenses each month.  The videos and checklists will also be made available at the company website.


    White-Rodgers, a business of Emerson Electric Co., announced a new version of its White-
    Rodgers mobile app with feature-based product selection capabilities to guide HVACR contractors and distributors to the right product for the job.  WRMobile provides customers continuous field access to product replacement information for OEM, competitive and White-Rodgers products from their Android, iPhone, or Blackberry mobile device. In addition to cross-reference information, the free application provides smart phone users with guided access to installation and operating instructions, wiring diagrams, sell sheets, and tech bulletins for thermostats, gas valves, furnace ignition controls and cooling products. The White-Rodgers mobile app is one of seven mobile apps in the Emerson Climate Technologies Mobile Toolbox and can be downloaded here.