• Commercial Grade, Smart Room Air Conditioners Have a Role in Energy Management for Facilities of Any Size

    Don’t overlook today’s smart room air conditioners when considering HVAC equipment for energy management of commercial facilities. While most large facilities rely on ‘whole building’ HVAC solutions, often times these facilities have remote buildings or isolated offices that utilize separate units for cooling and heating. Smart room air conditioners provide multiple energy savings options, including the ability to tie into a Building Management System. Smaller facilities can replace their outdated room units and enjoy the benefits of energy management at a moderate cost.

    Smart room air conditioners are available in a range of cooling capacities up to 36,000 Btus. When heat is required, these units feature autochangeover to switch between cooling and heating. Units can be grouped together to operate as a single system and can be controlled separately. Commercial grade quality means the units can withstand the most demanding applications.

    Here’s a photo gallery from www.friedrich.com to illustrate the energy saving options these smart room air conditioners have to offer.