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Podcast: A2L Refrigerants & Their Significance to the HVACR Industry

Sept. 28, 2023

Named for their ASHRAE safety classification, A2L refrigerants are characterized by mild flammability, low toxicity, and low global warming potential (GWP). They include hydrofluoroolefins (HFOs) and HFO blends. A2L refrigerants offer similar operating characteristics to legacy refrigerants, a safer profile than ammonia and hydrocarbon refrigerants, and are more energy efficient than R-410A and transcritical CO₂ systems.

As the world confronts the challenge of climate change, A2Ls have emerged as a replacement for older, high-impact refrigerants like HFCs and HCFCs in air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems. A2Ls are essential for helping businesses meet the global objectives outlined in the Montreal Protocol and the Kigali Amendment, regional regulations like the U.S. AIM Act and Canada’s ODSHAR, as well as for achieving the objectives of the EU Green Deal.

During this podcast, Chemours will cover A2L refrigerants for AC, food retail and cold storage applications, recent adoptions by key OEMs for HVAC, and the benefit of A2L refrigerants to the industry.  


Jeff Warther - Market Development Manager, Refrigerants

Jeff Warther is the Market Development Manager with a focus on refrigerants for the Thermal and Specialized Solutions business at Chemours. Jeff possesses more than 37 years of experience in the HVACR industry with roles including service technician, territory manager, product manager and trainer. He has worked with various industry leaders during his career including Carrier, Danfoss, The Habegger Corp and The Kroger Company.  

Andrew Pansulla - Technical Service Engineer, Refrigerants

Andrew is the global technical service engineer with a focus on refrigerants for the Thermal and Specialized Solutions business at Chemours. He holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University. Over the past seven years with Chemours/DuPont he has primarily been focused on the development of next generation refrigerants for the HVACR industry. His assignments have included the quantification of performance for next generation HFO refrigerants in controlled laboratory settings and working in the field with end users to optimize their refrigeration systems. 

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