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Verizon Offers Free Months of Fleet Management

May 4, 2020
New and existing customers will receive free months of service for Verizon's fleet management platform, Reveal Field fleet management solution and intelligent video solution.

As businesses continue to serve customers and communities during COVID-19, the ability to easily track and monitor vehicles, assets, employees and the work being done for end-customers is more critical than ever.  

To help businesses operate safely, save money, and increase revenue, Verizon Connect is offering new and existing SMB customers free months of service on its fleet management platform, field management solution (Reveal Field and the newly launched Reveal Field Plus) and intelligent video solution.

“Knowing where your vehicles, employees and assets are and helping them operate efficiently, productively, and safely gives businesses peace of mind, particularly during this devastating pandemic,” said Andrés Irlando, SVP and president, Public Sector and Verizon Connect for Verizon. “Our best-in-class platforms and solutions, whether used separately or in tandem, are mission critical for businesses still running operations and tackling the pandemic head on.”  

Reveal Field Plus provides advanced features in addition to those included with Reveal Field (formerly Field Service Dispatch). The new features can help improve the customer experience and keep businesses evolving in the digital age, specifically: 

•  Increase Communication: Receive an alert when a technician is delayed and automatically notify customers to keep them informed
• Improve Customer Service: Easily monitor and track job performance using a dashboard and find out what’s working and what’s not
• Decrease Manual Effort: Save time and collect customer feedback through a short online form and easily manage everything from one place 
 • Increase Brand Awareness: Quickly capture customer testimonials and positive feedback to attract new customers and address areas for improvement.  

Reveal Field Plus’ Advanced Features Include: 

• Technician Delayed Alerts: Receive an alert when a technician is going to be late for the job. Then, quickly notify the customer by email or text
• ETA Notifications: Automatically send customers an ETA based on the technician’s location and any traffic restrictions
• Branding & Customization: Ability to add a company logo and company information to customer communications, including email or text message 
• Online Review Forms: Easily request and collect reviews and ratings from customers through email or text 
• Job Review Alerts: Get notified when a customer review is completed and respond quickly to issues that may arise
• Performance Tracking: Get a quick glance at how the company is performing. See ratings and responses for each job and technician