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Franchising gave us the opportunity to become much larger than we were!

This video shares the passion and practical thought process that led Wilkins Mechanical to become a triple-brand franchisee. Founded in 1991 by Bob Wilkins, the company is one of the largest residential replacement companies in NH.

“Wilkins Mechanical was founded in 1991 by Bob Wilkins we are one of the largest residential, replacement companies in NH. The opportunity of becoming much larger than what we were with more franchises in New England. We went from a company of 33 to over 100. Some of the key ones were Success Academy® training, the call center and BuyMax. The protection plans make us unbeatable,” Sean McGorry.

Learn more about the power in franchising.





*This does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise, and is for general information purposes only. An offer is made only through delivery of a Franchise Disclosure Document (registered in your state, if required).

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