• More Great Commercials by HVAC Contractors

    Feb. 14, 2014

    Welcome to our new gallery of commercials by HVAC contractors.

    Feel free to watch every spot over and over again. We hope they provide some idea of what you can (and really should) be doing to promote your company over the Internet and/or on local television. (Find our last gallery of commercials here: HVAC TV SPOTS)

    This advertising spot by North Valley Mechanical, Phoenix, AZ hits all the right notes: the customer with "the room that never cools," emphasis on family comfort and service, and memberships in leading organizations, such as NATE and BPI.

    Messages by owners Kirk and Kendra Bushco — that include a word about the "emotional" value of home comfort — put a closing stamp of personality to this spot.

    JD Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning in Raleigh, NC has a humorous commercial featuring customers calling in and trying to describe the noises coming from their furnaces and sinks. Admit it, you've done this with car mechanics!

    "When the Weather Gets Colder, Call Jim Holder." And there you have an example of Advertising Rule #1: Make it Catchy. Jim Holder Heating and Air Conditioning, Machesney Park, IL has a jingle to go with its 30-second winning spot, that includes a cute kid, and a mention of the company's 30-year history.

    All Four Seasons AC & Heating Co. of Canoga Park, CA covers every question a prospective customer might have when they dial up this Internet video. "Your Comfort — Our Promise" is the slogan that's used to wrap up a comprehensive look at all this 14-year-old company can do for its Ventura County customers.

    Excellent Use of Co-op Dollars? Very likely. This is a great spot about a Bryant dealer coming to the rescue, in the person of an Ohio Heating technician. Ohio Heating is based in Columbus, OH.
    Dramatic music provides the soundtrack, as a real-life "Bryant Man" comes to the rescue of the chilled homeowners, children, and a curious dog. Check out the blue flames as the furnace fires up. A great spot!

    AWWWW! Lastly, we couldn't resist posting this little item. It doesn't come from a contractor, but it was too cute to pass up! It shows a Labrador puppy soaking up the cool air! You just want to watch and watch and watch . . .