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Lessons Learned in Europe's Phase Down Provide Insight for U.S. Transition

April 18, 2022
Read about Chemours' science-based approach to phase down in Europe, and how that strategy of balancing environmental properties, energy efficiency, safety, and total cost of ownership can drive best results for customers here in the U.S., too.

Building experience with new solutions can be challenging for you or your customers no matter where you are. Technologies change rapidly. It can be difficult to keep pace. The AIM Act began phase down of HFC refrigerants like R-404A on January 1, 2022, adding complexity to challenge.

Chemours is versed in such transitions due to years of experience with managing an HFC phase down in Europe. During that time, many new system types and refrigerant solutions became available. Customers had to decide best options.

Chemours worked closely with Wave Refrigeration, an established UK consultancy, to prepare this whitepaper outlining common system architectures and refrigerant options on a total cost of ownership/ total emissions basis. Lessons learned in Europe may provide you needed clarity and help save time and money.

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