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2015 Quality Home Comfort Awards: Offering Options Brings in a Project

July 14, 2015
Most attractive to the Christophersons was the fact that Bruce offered options — zoning and variable speed products — that he was not aware were available, and that the other...
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2015 Quality Home Comfort Awards Introduction: HVAC Innovators Bring Comfort Home

July 14, 2015
HVAC problems solved. Comfort that lasts. They're the major goals of every quality HVAC contractor.
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2015 Quality Home Comfort Awards: From Ordinary to Exceptional

July 14, 2015
Design had to accommodate adding a completely new duct system to heat and cool from overhead to eliminate the baseboards. Particular attention had to be paid to how they would...
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2015 Quality Home Comfort Awards: Comfort Restored for New Owners

July 14, 2015
Comfort matters recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Corey Hickmann and his team have become successful by providing comfort solutions in a variety of situations. They...
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2015 Quality Home Comfort Awards: Finding Their Place in History

July 14, 2015
This seven-year-old company owned by Jerome Burkholder has found a very profitable and satisfying niche in installing comfort systems in historic homes around downtown San Antonio...
2013 Quality Home Comfort Awards: John's Refrigeration

2013 Quality Home Comfort Awards: Discovering Comfort

July 3, 2013
When a contractor gets a call about a unit not working, the solution is usually easy to find. Either it’s a standard repair, or the box needs to be replaced. In this particular...
2013 Quality Home Comfort Awards: Mechanical Air Service, Inc.

2013 Quality Home Comfort Awards: A Higher Standard

July 2, 2013
Located in Silicon Valley, the town of Los Altos Hills, CA, has a population of about 8,000 residents. The town is only 9-sq. miles making it one of the smallest towns in Santa...
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2013 Quality Home Comfort Awards: Quality Home Comfort Fits in Anywhere

July 2, 2013
Quality home comfort solutions exist for every situation and need. Regardless of the home’s size, there’s a way to craft the best combination of products and draw on system design...
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2013 Quality Home Comfort Awards: Answering a 'Cold' Call with Warm Comfort

July 2, 2013
The team tackled the basement first, because there were decades-old needs that had to be addressed in that area before the new Amana systems were installed. First, they had to...