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A Minute with McIver

10 HVACR Apps

How's your "app-titude" been lately? Are you and your technicians using apps more frequently? You should. Even my basic HVACR terminology app is a helpful A-Z guide, with all major industry terms defined.

We've written much about apps in the pages of Contracting See the following:

I think the best thing about apps, other than their benefit to the technician and business owner, is their low price. I know there are some glitch stories out there, but all-in-all, apps work.

Here's 10 more I found recently. You may have already downloaded some of these:

ASHRAE 62.1: By Carmel. Perform ventilation calculations.

Bitzer Refrigerant Reference: (Other manufacturers also have refrigerant apps. Simply Google the co. name and "refrigerant app" to find them.)

Decibel meter:

Some sound apps get mixed results. Youtube demo was good.

Docstogo: Create, review and edit Microsoft Word and Excel Documents for ipad:

HVAC Toolkit:

By Carmel. With Quick load, duct sizer, piping, psychrometrics, on and on:

Remote Desktop: "Leave your laptop behind," they say.

PipeSizer-Gas Plus:

Quickly size a simple low (<= 1.5 psi) and/or high (> 1.5 psi) pressure gas piping system by inputting a number of piping and gas properties.

PowerCalc: Performs basic electrical power calculations with watts, volts, amps, and motor power factor. Scale Ruler: On-screen ruler that can be used as a normal ruler: Seismometer: What's shakin,' dude? Measure everything that vibrates, shakes or moves.

Reply here, and let us know about your favorite apps when you "got a minute."

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