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A Minute with McIver

Check Out This Video

In May, eight HVACR industry association formed the HVACR Workforce Development Foundation, as a way to improve recruitment for the HVACR industry. The group has released a video that provides great insight into career opportunities in HVACR: "Careers in the HVACR and Water Heating Industry."

You'll find the video posted on the CB Mechanical Systems TV network: CLICK HERE

The video features commentary from active HVACR and water heating professionals on the many career opportunities provided by HVACR and water-heating related trades. It includes insight into the technology now being applied in HVACR, and degree opportunities many students and school administrators just don't know about.

Use this within your own websites, or find other ways to share it with young people you know who are looking for a solid career path. Also, share this link with local school administrators, who are often too focused on college as the only way to success.

IF YOU FIND OTHER WAYS to use this information to grow the industry workforce, let me know about it, when you "have a minute."

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