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A Minute with McIver

Employee Recognition Tips

Our May issue will contain an article on employee recognition programs with tips from four of our past "Contractors of the Year." Here's a peek at some of the ways these leading HVAC contractors are rewarding employee excellence. (Note: it's understood that a good wage is also important.)

  • A family atmosphere includes recognizing birthdays with personal notes from managers.
  • Recognize significant employment anniversaries.
  • Give holiday gifts and throw parties.
  • Make training enjoyable, with incentives for learning.

    Be certain employees have a forum for concerns, complaints, and suggestions.

  • Act on comments from employees that can make their work more beneficial or that can help the company in any way.
  • Various awards for maintenance agreement sales, low callback rates, training achievements, installation sales, spifs. Travel awards are one contractor's favorite method of recognition.
  • Gift cards to employees favorite store or restaurant.
  • Breakfasts, BBQs, and after-hours events.
  • Design an area (many have it at the entrance to the building) for employee photos, or "Employee of the Month" notices.
  • Send customers letters that describe the achievements of your team.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING to recognize employee achievements? Let me know when you "have a minute." Reply here or to [email protected]

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