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A Minute with McIver

Here's What's Been Happening. . .

You guys are swamped because of the heat. I just heard from a commercial HVAC contractor who's only been out on his NEW boat SIX hours this summer! "That's just not right," he says, and I agree.

Good news that there's work out there for industrious, well-established companies with strong service bases.

So, assuming you can't always page through the magazine right away, here are some HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR AUGUST ISSUE. Follow the links to check 'em out.

MECHANICAL SYSTEMS WEEK SHOW GUIDE: This is the official guide to a real contractor favorite: Mechanical Systems Week, this year in Schaumburg, IL, near Chicago. This year we've added plumbing and hydronics content to accompany our wide range of residential and commercial tracks. DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE GUIDE HERE:

NOTE: We're still offering a big discount for our Twitter followers. Once you register, enter TWITTER in the PROMO space to get into the three-day show for $300.

Make Your Safety Program Unique, by Michael Nahas of EMCOR Fluidics. To improve safety on the job, develop a concise strategic safety plan and site-specific safety programs.

Is Franchising for You? An HVAC franchise can provide direction, discipline and a path to profitability that can be lacking in some HVAC businesses. But, it's a big decision. Here are what some successful franchisees have to say.

Refrigeration: Systems and Refrigerants Shape the Future. This article from our 2011 Refrigeration Roundtable contains insight from leading contractors and supermarket managers on systems and refrigerants they see as having an impact on commercial refrigeration in the very near future, like ... now!

Plus the usual news from contractors and leading manufacturers

We hope you're having a great month as summer winds down!

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