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A Minute with McIver

'Hope and Change' That Works

The nation's best radio commentator was the first to ask the question shortly after the presidential election of 2008: "How's that 'hope and change' workin' out for ya?"

That could be a winning campaign slogan for 2012, but enough about that. The hope and change that matters most comes from what you do on your own, without any help from anybody else, least of all the government. I recently spoke with a large number of commercial HVAC contractors, for an article on survival. The best answers go a long way in describing what you and your peers are doing to make it through this national malaise, largely self-imposed by government mismanagement.

28% of commercial contractors we surveyed have increased their use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), the computer graphics program that improves the Design/Build process by streamlining engineering, construction, and maintenance.

71% have expanded their pursuit of Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED®) projects. Customers are asking for increased energy efficiency, and successful contractors are learning it and offering it. But remember, you don't have to be LEED-certified to offer energy efficiency.

60% have increased their service agreement activity. Yes, it's largely due to a drop in construction, but the point is they're not sitting around waiting for something to happen.

What are you doing to stay solvent during this downturn? Let me know with a comment below when you "have a minute."

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