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A Minute with McIver


What a way to ruin your morning. The Supreme Court's wacky decision today to uphold Obamacare took the nation by surprise. Thanks, John Roberts. Thanks A LOT.

The decision makes it all the more imperative that Mitt Romney be elected president in November. Because, without a repeal of this law, President Obama will continue to take the nation down the wrong path. This will include further "green" mandates that will harm businesses and make products more expensive to consumers, as well as any other kind of new tax you can imagine.

With this ruling, the government will control one-fifth of the nation's gross domestic product. Spending will increase like you wouldn't believe, many employers will cancel their insurance plans and just pay a $2000 per worker penalty. Health care premiums will increase, taxes will increase on wages above $200,000 (that's not wealthy), and state Medicaid costs AND health insurance premiums will increase. Doesn't this sound like fun?

All for the sake of insuring about 34 million who don't have insurance, some of whom don't want it and pay cash for treatment, and others who actually do get care if they need it, for which we're already footing the bill.

The Rep House meets next week to vote to repeal this travesty of justice, but of course the Dem Senate will not go along with that.

That's why Mitt Romney, and a max number of Republicans who can ride to victory in November, are the last, best hopes for fiscal sanity and the independence of the American consumer.

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