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A Minute with McIver
No Hope, Less Change

No Hope, Less Change

Well, actually, there will be change, but it won't be good.

"PROTECT YOUR ASSETS." That's one message I found on my Twitter feed late Tuesday night after the decision.

Mitt Romney is the man more qualified to lead the nation, but in spite of Obama's record of failure, the party of entitlements won. I don't know how many of them voted twice, but it is what it is.

We're still a conservative nation, but we just didn't get enough conservative-thinking people to the polls. One of my own Twitter messages on Monday was one word: TURNOUT! I guess not many saw it. Romney got fewer votes than McCain. And now they're finding voters that the Romney team "never knew existed," but the Dems found them. Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard, said it best: "The Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity." (As a Christian, I realize this is all part of God's plan, but it still hurts.)

SO NOW WHAT? I won't say "let's all roll up our sleeves and work together," because that's not going to happen, not with President Obama's penchant for doing everything his way. He's not known as one who negotiates. But of course, he'll soon be named TIME's "Man of the Year," and will continue to get all kinds of media protection. And, since now begins the media's work of "legacy building," John Boehner and the house will take the blame for a continued stagnating economy. Oh look, Harry Reid just said the debt ceiling will be raised to $18 trillion. No discussion needed. Do I hear $20?

Obamacare is now an official burden on the U.S. deficit. See this link for one example. The U.S. Government Monster now controls one-sixth of the U.S. economy. It is a staggering prospect. The lowest to middle-level wage earners will pay 69% of what it takes to feed this beast. (See the chart below.) And the promise was, no more taxes on the middle class. Here are five other taxes that "will be due".

Then, there are the coming EPA regulations, and the ruination of coal and further development in natural gas. Fracking is finished and the jobs that go with it. The EPA was scrambling to finalize their coal-killing plan when it looked as if Romney would win. They now have extra time to perfect it. I don't know how many jobs will be lost in those industries over the next four years, but be prepared for the ripple effects it will have on your business. And don't hold your breath for the Keystone XL Pipleline extension.

New climate-based regulations talk, spurred on by Hurricane Sandy (did you know we never had major hurricanes before two weeks ago?) are expected. Watch for new talk of a carbon tax. John Boehner: just say no. Of course, Obama might just enact it on his own. He does that.

It will basically become increasingly more difficult and expensive to run a business, but there are some good prospects for construction, according to Dodge. Unless the "fiscal cliff" is not resolved and we have another recession, Dodge says home construction in 2013 will increase by 24%, and commercial building will increase by 12%.

Please try to keep employees working. As always, you're in charge of your business, and have to do all you can to keep it afloat. Get into new comfort services, Home Performance Contracting, upselling, and find new ways to help financially strapped consumers make a needed comfort system affordable. Implement as many new technologies as you can that can help you work more efficiently. Watch excess materials overhead. Talk to other owners for advice. Work on becoming your area's local expert harder than before.

I won't be like Chris Matthews or Michael Moore, who said they were thankful for Hurricane Sandy because they think it helped Obama win (that's incredible), but a winter that's colder than what we had last year would be welcome.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS TO SURVIVE? I don't mean,"move to Canada," or "buy more guns." Let me know below how you intend to remain in business when you "got a minute." I also welcome email, at [email protected]

Buckle up.

CBO breakdown of Obamacare tax burden.

CBO breakdown of Obamacare tax burden.
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